Yoga Gently Workshop – Balancing the Heart Chakra

This workshop offers an exploration of gentle floor based poses in combination with simple Mantra chants and Sounds. It is suitable for everyone including complete beginners, especially for people that find standing postures challenging or have pain or discomfort in hips or lower back!

The Heart: A natural rhythm just like a drum, our heart beats 24/7. The heart supports our entire system, and helps to keep our bodies well nourished with oxygen and clear of ‘gunk’ such as mucus or inflammation. It also is our emotional ‘engine’ and when balanced, allows us to connect well with others as well as ourselves.

By moving gently and spending time with our hearts, via intention and listening in, plus using specific sounds to open the heart chakra, we keep it healthy, balanced and free from blocks!

When taking care of it, it thanks us by running smoothly and gives us a sensation of feeling well, nurtured and being able to expand emotionally towards others and ourselves - warm-heartedly and with empathy. Effects can be felt in our entire being, and positively impact on our health, mood and capacity to enjoy life!

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In this particular workshop we’ll use the combination of gentle movement with sound and music, which is proven to enhance and magnify the effects of yoga, and to let our bodies vibrate on a higher level, creating more joy and happieness.

Tid:       Lördag 27/10  Kl 10.30 – 12.00
Lärare: Imken Donde  
Pris:      200kr (swisha till 123 313 28 59 när du bokar din plats)

Boka:    Tryck här och välj sedan rätt event

About Imken

Imken loves to teach with a gentle, fun and open-hearted approach. Inspired by what students bring, she infuses Hatha, Sama, Yin and Restorative Yoga to create a joyful, creative and expansive practice.   

Imken offers yoga and craniosacral work between Sweden and India.


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